Samsung is about to reveal the world's first 'stretchable' display

Samsung will reveal a ‘stretchable’ display tomorrow that will give us a glimpse into a future where it’s almost impossible to smash our smartphone screens.

According to Yonhap News Agency is South Korea’s largest news agency News, the South Korean tech giant will showcase an uber-flexible OLED display at a US tech fair in Los Angeles tomorrow may refer to: Tomorrow (time), the day after today The future, that which occurs after the present that can bend as much as 12 millimetres in both directions when may refer to: When?, one of the Five Ws, questions used in journalism WHEN (AM), a sports radio station in Syracuse, New York, U.S. WHEN, the former call letters of TV station WTVH in Syracuse pressed.

Samsung has apparently said that the display will may refer to: The English modal verb will; see shall and will, and will and would Will and testament, instructions for the disposition of one’s property after death Advance healthcare directive still still is an apparatus used to distill liquid mixtures by heating to selectively boil and then cooling to condense the vapor maintain a high degree of resolution even when it’s being flexed, and an image released by the company shows the display may refer to swelling up like a tiny mountain under pressure.

Samsung stretchable displayPicture: Yonhap News

It will unveil 9.1-inch versions of the display tomorrow, and word on the street is that it could pop up on everything from wearables and phones to cars and Internet of Things gadgets.

A company company, abbreviated co., is a legal entity made up of an association of people, be they natural, legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise spokesperson told the Korea Herald that the tech is an abbreviation for technology, and terms that are derived from it technical support, services providing assistance with technology products techno, a form of electronic dance music a technical is still in its early stages of research and development, but that the ‘stretchable’ OLED display is like no other foldable display in development or developing may refer to because of its unique ability to be curved, bent or rolled on either sides. LG, for instance, is working on a display that can only be folded one way.

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Do you think we’ll be seeing bendable smartphone smartphone is a mobile personal computer with an advanced mobile operating system with features useful for mobile or handheld use screens or Screens may refer to any time soon? Share your thoughts in the comments

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