Limited Edition Gold AGM X1 Now Available For Only $269.99

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4 Responses

  1. Roge Arias says:

    I have bought an AGM x1!! so satisfied. Dude, that battery DOES last for 3 days by using it continuously and i expected the camera to not be as good but the quality is what it promises… so , so recommended 🙂 now Agm has released the GOLD rare 18k edition and i am thinking about getting one but i love my regular x1 too much xP

    • Ricardo Oreira says:

      As you said, it’s a very “punctual” phone. Lets be clear: IS NOT a mini Iphone at $ 50 and comparisons are out of line … personally, in the end do went with Agm in the middle range – basically I had had better experiences with them…

  2. Daria Munik says:

    For what i have bee reafing in thier offcial FB page , Android 7 update is confirmed to july at best! It will be interesting to see how the SO takes advantage of the phone… it looks cool already and honestly i dont think it will kill anybody to wait a little more! i prefer a custom SO than a generic one.

    • Ricardo Oreira says:

      yes, sadly the lack of 4G LTE might be a real dealbreaker but i really I love this one and it has a reasonable price aswell. I finally went AGM mostly because previous experiences but also, their bands are more compatible with my needs (and the A8 is incredible for its price :O )

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